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  • What should you know about your Dog before you start training?

    In order to train your dog perfectly, you need to know him well – his needs, behavior, as well as moods.

  • Don’t Feed This to Your Dog

    There are many foods that are seemingly harmless to us that can be toxic to your dog. Here is a list that you should remember and teach your children so they know that any of these items can make your dog very sick.

  • Do You Want A Show Dog Or Cute Companion Shih Tzu?

    Shih Tzu belong to people. They do not belong exclusively to the show dog world. Shih Tzu were bred for centuries to be affectionate companions for people and they certainly excel and do a fantastic job at doing just that.

  • Your Dog Will Thank You If You Read These Doggie Diet Tips

    Although it was once common practice to feed dogs whatever scrapes came from the dinner table, today we realize that there is much more to feeding an animal than we thought.

  • Going Places With Your Dog

    Dogs do like to travel well. Adventurous by nature, they want to check out new sights and sounds. They like to meet and see new people. But this does not mean that traveling with a dog is as easy as traveling with your clutch bag.